KTH Master’s
Challenge 2018

Win scholarships for a Master’s degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

The KTH Master's Challenge deadline has now passed. The applications are being screened and the top three finalists from each programme will be announced on December 19.

Partners of the KTH Master's Challenge

Scania aims to be an attractive employer in all of the more than 100 countries in which it operates.

Employees are able to lay the foundations for their future career progression by becoming involved in a variety of different roles. Everyone takes part in daily improvement work aimed as much at developing individuals as it is at developing work methods and products.

The whole organisation is imbued with a spirit of leadership built upon shared and inclusive core values. The result is a unique climate where employees take on responsibility and are given the opportunity to further develop within Scania’s operations. This culture of continuous improvements allows us to maintain our widely recognised low level of staff turnover and our position as one of the leading companies within the industry.

FormulateIP provides sterling work environment that helps one reach the highest peaks of professional and personal achievement. We value integrity, innovation, teamwork, and professionalism. Success to us is to stretch our potentials. We offer quality work, an exciting work environment, rapid growth, and competitive compensations. As we are a rapidly growing firm, long term prospects are excellent for the right candidate. We are passionate about what we do and only recruit people with the same dedication and passion. Our people are self-motivated achievers, independent thinkers and enthusiastic, striving together to reach the highest peaks of individual and professional achievement.

We firmly believe that nurturing and developing our ‘Talent Pool’ is what will take us to new heights of success. If you think you share our philosophy of work and success, we encourage you to explore opportunities with us.